Apple fire blight resistance trait-Peil-2014

Project Overview
Project Name Apple fire blight resistance trait-Peil-2014
Crop Apple
Project type QTL
Description Whereas most apple cultivars are susceptible to fire blight, several wild apple species accessions like Malus x robusta 5 (Mr5) bear significant resistance.QTL mapping was performed after inoculation of the population 04208 (Idared x Mr5) using strains differing in their virulence to Mr5. QTL mapping was performed after inoculation of the population 04208 (Idared 9 Mr5) using strains differing in their virulence to Mr5. The QTL mapping approach demonstrated that the major QTL on linkage group 3 could be confirmed after inoculation with strains nonvirulent to Mr5. In contrast, the major QTL disappeared after inoculation with strains virulent toMr5. Only after inoculation with the resistance breaking strain Ea 3049 was a minor QTL with a LOD>3 found on linkage group 3. Additionally, several minor QTLs were detected on linkage groups 5, 7, 11 and 14 of Mr5 after inoculation with virulent strains able to overcome the major resistance QTL of Mr5.
Andreas Peil
First name:Andreas
Last name:Peil
Institution:Institute for Breeding Research on Fruit
Address:Kulius Kuhn-Institut (JKI), Pillnitzer Platz 3a, 01326
Country:Dresden, Germany
This project contains 13 QTL:
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Linkage GroupNameTypeStartStopPeak
Apple-IM-F1-Mr5.Mr5 LG 3qREA.IM-Mr5-ch3QTL--7.4
Apple-IM-F1-Mr5.Mr5 LG 5qREA.IM-Mr5-ch5QTL--25.2
Apple-IM-F1-Mr5.Mr5 LG 7qREA.IM-Mr5-ch7QTL--64.3
Apple-IM-F1-Mr5.Mr5 LG 11qREA.IM-Mr5-ch11QTL--37.5
Apple-IM-F1-Mr5.Mr5 LG 14qREA.IM-Mr5-ch14QTL--54.7
Apple-IM-F1-Mr5.Mr5 LG 5qREA.IM-Mr5-ch5.2QTL--25.2
Apple-IM-F1-Mr5.Mr5 LG 7qREA.IM-Mr5-ch7.2QTL--63.3
Apple-IM-F1-Mr5.Mr5 LG 11qREA.IM-Mr5-ch11.2QTL--31.5
Apple-IM-F1-Mr5.Mr5 LG 14qREA.IM-Mr5-ch14.2QTL--58.7
Apple-IM-F1-Mr5.Mr5 LG 5qREA.IM-Mr5-ch5.1QTL--25.2
Apple-IM-F1-Mr5.Mr5 LG 7qREA.IM-Mr5-ch7.1QTL--60.3
Apple-IM-F1-Mr5.Mr5 LG 11qREA.IM-Mr5-ch11.1QTL--30
Apple-IM-F1-Mr5.Mr5 LG 14qREA.IM-Mr5-ch14.1QTL--53.4
2014Wöhner TW, Flachowsky H, Richter K, Garcia-Libreros T, Trognitz F, Hanke M, Peil A. QTL mapping of fire blight resistance in Malus ×robusta 5 after inoculation with different strains of Erwinia amylovora. Molecular breeding. 2014; 34(1):217-230.