GD147 (genetic_marker) Malus domestica

Marker Overview
Genbank IDN/A
SpeciesMalus x domestica
Repeat Motif(AG)7
PCR ConditionTwo multiplexed primer sets, GD 12, 15 and 96 and GD100 and 103, were amplified in 25-microliter mixtures containing 25 ng of genomic DNA, 10-45 pmol of each primer, 0.20 mM of dNTPs, 2.0 mM MgSO4, 1 X buffer, and 0.25 units of polymerase. The multiplexed primer set GD142, 147 and 162 was amplified in a 20-microliter mixture containing 30 ng of genomic DNA, 20 pmols of each primer pair, same as above for dNTPs and MgSO4, 1 X buffer and 0.20 units polymerase. Multiplex primer set GD 142, 147 and 162 was amplified using a touchdown. Initially, 2 min at 94 degree followed by 2 cycles of 94C for 60 s, 65C 30 s, and 72C for 45s. The following 18 cycles had an annealing temp reduced by 1 degree per 2 cycles. The last 5 cycles maintained the 55C annealing temperature. The multiplex primer sets GD 12, GD 15, GD 96 and GD 100 and GD 103 were amplified following a 4-min denaturation at 94C . Reaction conditions were 25 cycles at 94C for 60s, 55C for 120s, 72C for 120s and a 10m extension at 72C.
Product Length124-156
Max Length156
PolymorphismP_ GD147
Publication[view all]
ContactS. Hokanson
Andreas Peil
Miyuki Kunihisa
Andrea Patocchi
S. Hokanson
First name:Stan
Last name:Hokanson
Institution:University of Minnesota
Address:Department of Horticultural Science, 1970 Folwell Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108
Country:United States
Last update:Apr 1998
Andreas Peil
First name:Andreas
Last name:Peil
Institution:Institute for Breeding Research on Fruit
Address:Kulius Kuhn-Institut (JKI), Pillnitzer Platz 3a, 01326
Country:Dresden, Germany
Miyuki Kunihisa
First name:Miyuki
Last name:Kunihisa
Institution:NARO Institute of Fruit Tree Science
Address:2-1 Fujimoto, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8605
Keywords:fruit drop
Andrea Patocchi
First name:Andrea
Last name:Patocchi
Institution:Plant Pathology, Institute of Integrative Biology (IBZ)
Address:ETH Zurich, CH-8092 Zurich, Switzerland
1998Hokanson SC, Szewc-McFadden AK, Lamboy WF, McFerson JR. Microsatellite (SSR) markers reveal genetic identities, genetic diversity and relationships in a Malus x domestica borkh. core subset collection. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 1998; 97:671-683.
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2014Kunihisa M, Moriya S, Abe K, Okada K, Haji T, Hayashi T, Kim H, Nishitani C, Terakami S, Yamamoto T. Identification of QTLs for fruit quality traits in Japanese apples: QTLs for early ripening are tightly related to preharvest fruit drop. Breeding science. 2014 Sep; 64(3):240-51.
Map Positions
#Map NameLinkage GroupBinPositionLocusMapViewer
2Apple Integrated map13N/A36.3GD147View
3Apple-IM-F1-IdaredIda LG 13N/A29.9GD147View
4Apple-IM-F1-Mr5Mr5 LG 13N/A24GD147View