Project Overview
Project Name Gao_Chinese_National_Repository_Apple_2015
Sub type SSR
Description Sixteen microsatellites have been used to assess the diversity and differentiation of 391 accessions in the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) that represent Malus × domestica (from China, Japan, former Soviet Republics, and Western countries) as well as the crop’s wild relative species Malus baccata, Malus prunifolia, Malus × robusta, and Malus sieversii.
Crop apple
Project type genotype
Yuan Gao
First name:Yuan
Last name:Gao
Title:Chinese Apple Collection
Institution:Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Address:No. 98 Xinghai South Street, Xingcheng, Liaoning 125100 People’s Republic of China
2015Gao Y, Liu F, Wang K, Wang D, Gong X, Liu L, Richards CM, Henk AD, Volk GM. Genetic diversity of Malus cultivars and wild relatives in the Chinese National Repository of Apple Germplasm Resources. Tree Genetics & Genomes 2015 11:106