Genetic analysis for physical nut traits in almond

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TitleGenetic analysis for physical nut traits in almond
AuthorsFernandez i Marti, A, Font i Forcada C, Socias i Company R
TypeJournal Article
Journal NameTree Genetics and Genomes
CitationFernandez i Marti, A, Font i Forcada C, Socias i Company R. Genetic analysis for physical nut traits in almond. Tree Genetics and Genomes. 2013; 9(2):455-465.


Almond breeding is increasingly taking into account kernel quality as a breeding objective. Although information on nut and kernel physical parameters involved in almond quality has already been compiled, the genetic control of these traits has not been studied. This genetic information would improve the efficacy of almond breeding programs. A linkage map with 56 simple-sequence repeat markers was constructed for the “Vivot” × “Blanquerna” almond population showing a wide range of variability for the physical parameters of nut and kernel. A total of 14 putative quantitative trait loci (QTLs) controlling these physical traits were detected in the current study, corresponding to six genomic regions of the eight almond linkage groups (LG). Some QTLs are colocated in the same region or shared the same molecular markers, in a manner that reflects the correlations between the physical traits, as well as with the chemical components of the almond kernel. The limit of detection values for any given trait ranged from 2.06 to 5.17, explaining between 13.0 and 44.0 % of the phenotypic variance of the trait. This new genetic information needs to be taken into account when breeding for physical traits in almond. Increases in the positive quality traits, both physical and chemical, need to be considered simultaneously whenever they are genetically independent, even if they are negatively correlated. This is the first complete genetic framework map for physical components of almond nut and kernel, with 14 putative QTLs associated with a large number of parameters controlling physical traits in almond.
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Feature NameUniquenameType
kernel diameterqKD.VB-ch1QTL
kernel diameterqKD.VB-ch7QTL
kernel lengthqKL.VB-ch1QTL
kernel lengthqKL.VB-ch5QTL
kernel lengthqKL.VB-ch6QTL
kernel lengthqKL.VB-ch7QTL
kernel spherical indexqKSI.VB-ch7QTL
kernel thicknessqKTC.VB-ch6.1QTL
kernel thicknessqKTC.VB-ch6.2QTL
kernel thicknessqKTC.VB-ch7QTL
kernel weightqKW.VB-ch7QTL
kernel widthqKWD.VB-ch3QTL
kernel widthqKWD.VB-ch5QTL
nut diameterqND.VB-ch2QTL
nut diameterqND.VB-ch6QTL
nut lengthqNL.VB-ch1QTL
nut lengthqNL.VB-ch5QTL
nut lengthqNL.VB-ch6QTL
nut lengthqNL.VB-ch7QTL
nut spherical indexqNSI.VB-ch2QTL
nut spherical indexqNSI.VB-ch3.1QTL
nut spherical indexqNSI.VB-ch3.2QTL
nut spherical indexqNSI.VB-ch7QTL
nut thicknessqNT.VB-ch2QTL
nut thicknessqNT.VB-ch3QTL


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