Prunus Bin Map

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NamePrunus Bin Map
SpeciesPrunus persica
Prunus dulcis
Map typegenetic
Population typeF2
Map unitcM
Maternal parentTexas
Paternal parentEarlygold
Population size111
Number of loci1245
Number of linkage groups8
Publication[view all]
ContactP. Arus
Description:F2 population obtained by selfing the F1 hybrid plant ‘MB 1.37’ (almond ‘Texas’ 3 peach ‘Earlygold’)
Population size:111
Map Loci
This map contains 1,245 marker loci:
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Linkage GroupMarker NameLocus NameTypePosition
Prunus Bin Map.LG1MA067aMA067amarker_locus0 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1EPPCU2979EPPCU2979marker_locus0 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1EPPCU2842EPPCU2842marker_locus0 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1UDA-053UDA-053marker_locus0 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1AA08AA08Bmarker_locus0 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1EPPCU3062EPPCU3062marker_locus0 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1UDAp-471UDAp-471marker_locus0 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1UDAp-463UDAp-463marker_locus0 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1EPPCU1363EPPCU1363marker_locus0 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1UDAp-466UDAp-466marker_locus0 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1M16M16amarker_locus0 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1EPPCU0027EPPCU0027marker_locus0 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1RosCOS_2090_61RosCOS_2090_61marker_locus13.6 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1RosCOS_2090_INDEL 75-83RosCOS_2090_INDEL 75-83marker_locus13.6 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1RosCOS_1231_486RosCOS_1231_486marker_locus13.6 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1RosCOS_1244_250RosCOS_1244_250marker_locus13.6 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1RosCOS_1231_187RosCOS_1231_187marker_locus13.6 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1RosCOS_3055RosCOS_3055marker_locus13.6 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1RosCOS_1231_386RosCOS_1231_386marker_locus13.6 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1RosCOS_1265_33RosCOS_1265_33marker_locus13.6 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1RosCOS_1160_47RosCOS_1160_47marker_locus13.6 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1RosCOS_1160_101RosCOS_1160_101marker_locus13.6 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1RosCOS_1231_478RosCOS_1231_478marker_locus13.6 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1pchcms4pchcms4marker_locus13.6 cM
Prunus Bin Map.LG1RosCOS_1244_336RosCOS_1244_336marker_locus13.6 cM
P. Arus
First name:Pere
Last name:Arus
Address:Institut de Recerca I Tecnologia Agroalimentaries (IRTA), Departament de Genetica Vegetal, Carretera de Cabrils s/n, 08348 Cabrils, Spain
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