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SpeciesMalus x domestica
Map typegenetic
Population typeF1
Population size44
Map unitcM
Maternal parentFiesta
Paternal parentDiscovery
Population size44
Number of loci1077
Number of QTL129
Number of linkage groups77
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ContactA. Patocchi
Andrea Patocchi
Population size:251
Population size:44
Map Loci
This map contains 1,077 marker loci:
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Linkage GroupMarker NameLocus NameTypePosition
Apple-FD-F1.D1S15-1300S15-1300marker_locus0 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1E33M38-0243E33M38-0243marker_locus3 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1CH03g12CH03g12zmarker_locus4.2 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1CH03g12zCH03g12zmarker_locus4.2 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1E35M42-0300E35M42-0300marker_locus5.6 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1W19-900W19-900marker_locus7.8 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1Hi21g05Hi21g05xmarker_locus7.8 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1K13-400K13-400marker_locus8.9 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1E38M39-0350E38M39-0350marker_locus14.1 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1E31M38-0080E31M38-0080marker_locus15 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1E33M35-0211E33M35-0211marker_locus36 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1AG11AG11marker_locus37.8 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1Hi12c02Hi12c02marker_locus42 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1B2-T7B2-T7marker_locus52.8 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1AG04AG04marker_locus53.8 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1Lrr-GD-1-350Lrr-GD-1-350marker_locus53.8 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1L02-800L02-800marker_locus54.8 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1CH-Vf1CH-Vf1marker_locus55.9 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1E32M42-0218E32M42-0218marker_locus55.9 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1U19-450U19-450marker_locus66.7 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1H01-1100H01-1100marker_locus71.9 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D1CH05g08CH05g08marker_locus77.4 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D10X18-700X18-700marker_locus0 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D10Hi02d04Hi02d04marker_locus13.8 cM
Apple-FD-F1.D10CH02b07CH02b07marker_locus14.3 cM
A. Patocchi
First name:Andrea
Last name:Patocchi
Institution:Agroscope Changins-W?denswil Research Station ACW
Address:Standort W?denswil Schloss Postfach 185 8820 W?denswil
Phone:+41 44 783 6313
Fax:+41 (0)44 783 63 05
Andrea Patocchi
First name:Andrea
Last name:Patocchi
Institution:Plant Pathology, Institute of Integrative Biology (IBZ)
Address:ETH Zurich, CH-8092 Zurich, Switzerland
This map contains 129 QTL:
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Linkage GroupNameTypeStartStopPeak
Apple-FD-F1.F7qRDD.FD-ch7.Ticino year1QTL--4.5 cM
Apple-FD-F1.F7qRDD.FD-ch7.Ticino year2QTL--4.5 cM
Apple-FD-F1.F7qRDD.FD-ch7.Valais year1QTL--4.5 cM
Apple-FD-F1.F7qRDD.FD-ch7.Valais year2QTL--4.5 cM
Apple-FD-F1.F17qRDP.FD-ch17.Ticino year1QTL--57.7 cM
Apple-FD-F1.F17qRDP.FD-ch17.Ticino year2QTL--57.7 cM
Apple-FD-F1.F17qRDP.FD-ch17.Valais year1QTL--57.7 cM
Apple-FD-F1.F17qRDP.FD-ch17.Valais year2QTL--57.7 cM
Apple-FD-F1.F17qRDP.FD-ch17.Zurich year1QTL--57.7 cM
Apple-FD-F1.LG7qREA.FD-LG7.1.2006QTL--50.1 cM
Apple-FD-F1.LG7qREA.FD-LG7.2.2006QTL--50.1 cM
Apple-FD-F1.LG7qREA.FD-LG7.3.2006QTL--50.1 cM
Apple-FD-F1.LG7qREA.FD-LG7.4.2006QTL--50.1 cM
Apple-FD-F1.11(D-)qFRFRM.FD-ch11(D-)QTL--38 cM
Apple-FD-F1.12(D-)qFRFRM.FD-ch12(D-)QTL--50 cM
Apple-FD-F1.14(F+)qFRFRM.FD-ch14(F+)QTL--47 cM
Apple-FD-F1.3(D+)qFRFRM.FD-ch3(D+)QTL--84 cM
Apple-FD-F1.6(D+)qFRFRM.FD-ch6(D+)QTL--24 cM
Apple-FD-F1.6(F-)qFRFRM.FD-ch6(F-)QTL--48 cM
Apple-FD-F1.15(F+)qRVI.FD-LG15.2003QTL--10 cM
Apple-FD-F1.17(F-)qRVI.FD-LG17.2003QTL--10 cM
Apple-FD-F1.17(F+)qBD.FD-ch17(F+)QTL--7 cM
Apple-FD-F1.7(D+)qBD.FD-ch7(D+)QTL--35 cM
Apple-FD-F1.7(F-)qBD.FD-ch7(F-)QTL--26 cM
Apple-FD-F1.1(F-)qFRW.FD-ch1(F-)QTL--71 cM
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