CH04e03, CH04e03 (genetic_marker) Malus x domestica

Marker Overview
Genbank IDN/A
SpeciesMalus x domestica
Repeat MotifGA
PCR Conditionannealing temp 60 degree
Primer 2CH04e03.primer 1: TTGAAGATGTTTGGCTGTGC
Primer 3CH04e03.primer 2: TGCATGTCTGTCTCCTCCAT
Primer 4CH04e03.reverse: TGC ATG TCT GTC TCC TCC AT
Product Length179-222
PolymorphismP_ CH04e03
Publication[view all]
ContactC. Gessler
Andreas Peil
Miyuki Kunihisa
CommentGenomic DNA was extracted from leaf tissue using Qiagen DNeasy 96 plant kits (QIAGEN GmbH, Hilden Germany). Sixteen SSR primers were selected for amplification based on previously published studies (Table 2; Liebhard et al. 2002; Yamamoto et al. 2002). The M13 primer, 5’ CACGACGTTGTAAAACGA 3’, with fluorescent dye label (6FAM, or VIC, or NED) was covalently bound to the 5’ end for detection on the ABI 3730 was synthetized from Applied Biosystems (Carlsbad, CA). The two unlabeled primers consisted of a specific SSR-targeting forward primer with a 5’ M13 tail and a specific SSR-targeting reverse primer was synthetized from Sangon Biotech (Shanghai, China). Amplification was carried out in two PCR cycles. The first PCR amplification was performed in a 10μl solution of 20 ng genomic DNA, 1×PCR buffer, 0.25 mM dNTP, 0.6 unit Taq DNA polymerase, 2 mM MgCl2, 0.24μM reverse primer, 0.24 μM forward primer with M13 tail. The first PCR amplification was performed under the following conditions: 94℃ (5 min), 35 cycles at 94℃(30 s)/annealing temperature (An.T) (30 s)/72℃ (45 s), and a final extension at 72℃ for 10 min. using the optimal annealing temperature for each locus (Table 2). The second amplification reaction was performed in a 12.1μl solution of 10μl PCR products of the first PCR circle, 0.3μM fluorescent labeled M13 primer, 0.1× supplied PCR buffer, 0.4 unit of Taq DNA polymerase. The conditions of the second PCR amplification were as follows: 94℃ (5 min), 16 cycles at 94℃ (30 s)/53℃(45 s)/72℃ (45 s), and a final extension at 72℃for10 min. The PCR products were cleaned with ethanol, and then denaturated at 94℃ for 5 min. Finally the fluorescent labeled PCR products at each locus were separated using an ABI 3730 DNA Analyzer (Applied Biosystems, Carlsbad, CA).
2009Celton J-M, Tustin DS, Chagne D, Gardiner SE. Construction of a dense genetic linkage map for apple rootstocks using SSRs developed from Malus ESTs and Pyrus genomic sequences. Tree Genetics and Genomes. 2009; 5(1):93-107.
2006Silfverberg-Dilworth E, Matasci CL, Van de Weg WE, Van Kaauwen MPW, Walser M, Kodde LP, Soglio V, Gianfranceschi L, Durel CE, Costa F, Yamamoto T, Koller B, Gessler C Patocchi A. Microsatellite markers spanning the apple (Malus x domestica Borkh.) genome. Tree Genetics and Genomes. 2006; 2(4):202-224.
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2002Liebhard, R., Gianfranceschi, L., Koller, B., Ryder, C.D., Tarchini, R., Weg, E. van de., Gessler, C. Development and characterisation of 140 new microsatellites in apple (Malus x domestica Borkh.) Mol. breed. 2002. v. 10 (4) p. 217-241.
2013Lê Van A, Caffier V, Lasserre-Zuber P, Chauveau A, Brunel D, Le Cam B, Durel CE. Differential selection pressures exerted by host resistance quantitative trait loci on a pathogen population: a case study in an apple × Venturia inaequalis pathosystem. The New phytologist. 2013 Feb; 197(3):899-908.
2014Wöhner TW, Flachowsky H, Richter K, Garcia-Libreros T, Trognitz F, Hanke M, Peil A. QTL mapping of fire blight resistance in Malus ×robusta 5 after inoculation with different strains of Erwinia amylovora. Molecular breeding. 2014; 34(1):217-230.
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2014Kunihisa M, Moriya S, Abe K, Okada K, Haji T, Hayashi T, Kim H, Nishitani C, Terakami S, Yamamoto T. Identification of QTLs for fruit quality traits in Japanese apples: QTLs for early ripening are tightly related to preharvest fruit drop. Breeding science. 2014 Sep; 64(3):240-51.
2002R. Liebhard, L. Gianfranceschi, B. Koller, C.D. Ryder, R. Tarchini, E. Van De Weg, C. Gessler. Development and characterization of 140 new microsatellites in apple. Molecular Breeding December 2002, 10(4):217-241
C. Gessler
First name:Cesare
Last name:Gessler
Institution:ETH Zurich
Address:ZTH Zurich Institut f. Integrative Biologie LFW C 15 Universitatstrasse 2 8092 Zurich
Phone:+41 44 632 38 71
Fax:+41 (0) 632 11 08
Last update:May 2002
Andreas Peil
First name:Andreas
Last name:Peil
Institution:Institute for Breeding Research on Fruit
Address:Kulius Kuhn-Institut (JKI), Pillnitzer Platz 3a, 01326
Country:Dresden, Germany
Miyuki Kunihisa
First name:Miyuki
Last name:Kunihisa
Institution:NARO Institute of Fruit Tree Science
Address:2-1 Fujimoto, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8605
Keywords:fruit drop

This genetic_marker is adjacent to the following primer feature(s):

Feature NameUnique NameSpeciesType
primer 1CH04e03.primer 1Malus x domesticaprimer
primer 2CH04e03.primer 2Malus x domesticaprimer
forwardCH04e03.forwardMalus x domesticaprimer
reverseCH04e03.reverseMalus x domesticaprimer

This genetic_marker is located in the following QTL feature(s):

Feature NameUnique NameSpeciesType
resistance to Venturia inaequalisqRVI.DT-ch5(D)Malus x domesticaQTL
resistance to Venturia inaequalisqRVI.DT-ch5(D+T)Malus x domesticaQTL
time of initial vegetative budbreakqTIVB.STKxGS-ch5.1Malus x domesticaQTL
time of initial vegetative budbreakqTIVB.STKxGS-ch5Malus x domesticaQTL

The following marker_locus feature(s) are an instance of this genetic_marker:

Feature NameUnique NameSpeciesType
CH04E03_DTCH04E03_DTMalus x domesticamarker_locus
CH04e03CH04e03Malus x domesticamarker_locus
CH04e03CH04e03-107.995Malus x domesticamarker_locus
CH04e03CH04e03-184.097Malus x domesticamarker_locus
CH04e03CH04e03-152.089Malus x domesticamarker_locus
CH04e03CH04e03-66.9Malus x domesticamarker_locus
CH04e03CH04e03-71.1Malus x domesticamarker_locus

Map Positions
#Map NameLinkage GroupBinPositionLocusMapViewer
6Apple Integrated map5N/A89.6CH04e03View
7Apple-IM-F1-IdaredIda LG 5N/A69CH04e03View
8Apple-IM-F1-Mr5Mr5 LG 5N/A69.1CH04e03View