Project Overview
Project Name Phenology-Rios-2014
QTL analysis method Composite Interval Mapping
Project type QTL
Description The reproductive phenology of perennial plants in temperate climates is largely conditioned by the duration of bud dormancy, and fruit developmental processes. Bud dormancy release and bud break depends on the perception of cumulative chilling and heat during the bud development. The objective of this work was to identify new quantitative trait loci associated to temperature requirements for bud dormancy release and flowering and to fruit harvest date, in a segregating population of peach grown in two locations differing in chilling time accumulation. We have identified QTLs for nine traits. QTLs were located in a genetic linkage map of peach based on single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers for eight linkage groups (LGs) of the peach genome sequence. QTLs for chilling requirements for dormancy release and blooming clustered in seven different genomic regions. QTLs for heat requirement related traits were distributed in nine genomic regions, four of them co-localizing with QTLs for chilling requirement trait. Two major loci in LG4 and LG6 determined fruit harvest time.
Genetic Maps
This project contains 2 Maps:
Gabino Rios
First name:Gabino
Last name:Rios
Institution:Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias (IVIA)
Address:Carretera Moncada-Naquera km 4.5, Moncada, Valencia
This project contains 56 QTL:
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Linkage GroupNameTypeStartStopPeak
Peach-V6xG-F1-V6.1qCR.V6xG-AA.1b.2QTL68.2 74.5 72.5
Peach-V6xG-F1-V6.1qCR.V6xG-EJ.1b.2QTL68.2 74.5 73.5
Peach-V6xG-F1-V6.3qCR.V6xG-EJ.3a.1QTL8.9 14.4 10.4
Peach-V6xG-F1-G.7qCR.V6xG-EJ.7b.1QTL29.3 40.5 29.9
Peach-V6xG-F1-G.7qCR.V6xG-AA.7c.2QTL41.3 48.9 45.5
Peach-V6xG-F1-V6.1qCR.V6xG-AA.1b.1QTL66.8 74.5 72.5
Peach-V6xG-F1-V6.1qCR.V6xG-EJ.1b.1QTL69.3 74.5 73.5
Peach-V6xG-F1-G.6qCR.V6xG-EJ.6b.1QTL23.6 37.1 34.2
Peach-V6xG-F1-G.7qCR.V6xG-EJ.7bQTL29.3 41.3 29.9
Peach-V6xG-F1-G.7qCR.V6xG-EJ.7cQTL43.2 48.9 45.5
Peach-V6xG-F1-G.7qCR.V6xG-AA.7c.1QTL41.3 48.9 45.5
Peach-V6xG-F1-V6.1qCR.V6xG-AA.1bQTL66.8 74.5 72.5
Peach-V6xG-F1-V6.1qCR.V6xG-EJ.1bQTL68.4 74.5 73.5
Peach-V6xG-F1-V6.3qCR.V6xG-EJ.3aQTL0 15.6 2.9
Peach-V6xG-F1-G.6qCR.V6xG-EJ.6bQTL23.3 41.6 34.2
Peach-V6xG-F1-G.7qCR.V6xG-AA.7cQTL41.3 48.9 45.5
Peach-V6xG-F1-V6.1qEDRD.V6xG-AA.1bQTL66.8 74.5 72.5
Peach-V6xG-F1-V6.1qEDRD.V6xG-EJ.1bQTL67.8 74.5 73.5
Peach-V6xG-F1-G.6qEDRD.V6xG-EJ.6bQTL23.4 41.6 34.2
Peach-V6xG-F1-G.7qEDRD.V6xG-AA.7cQTL41.9 48.9 45.5
Peach-V6xG-F1-G.7qEDRD.V6xG-EJ.7cQTL41.3 48.9 45.5
Peach-V6xG-F1-V6.1qECRD.V6xG-AA.1bQTL72.5 74.5 74.5
Peach-V6xG-F1-V6.1qECRD.V6xG-EJ.1bQTL67.4 74.5 73.5
Peach-V6xG-F1-V6.4qECRD.V6xG-AA.4aQTL0 12.8 2.8
Peach-V6xG-F1-G.7qECRD.V6xG-AA.7cQTL43.3 48.9 45.5