Axiom 70K Pear Genotyping Array

SNP Chip Overview
Array NameAxiom 70K Pear Genotyping Array
OrganismPyrus spp. (Pear)
2019Montanari S, Bianco L, Allen BJ, Martínez-García PJ, Bassil NV, Postman J, Knäbel M, Kitson B, Deng CH, Chagné D, Crepeau MW, Langley CH, Evans K, Dhingra A, Troggio M, Neale DB. Development of a highly efficient Axiom™ 70 K SNP array for Pyrus and evaluation for high-density mapping and germplasm characterization. BMC genomics. 2019 May 02; 20(1):331.