SNP Chip Overview
Array Name200K AXIOM PyrSNP
OrganismPyrus sp. ()
A set of 200,481 SNPs uniformly distributed across the genome and in genic regions of the pear genome. Markers were identified in four groups, namely 99,338 SNPs in Asian wild, 102,993 SNPs in Asian cultivated, 40,448 SNPs in European wild, and 41,603 SNPs in European cultivated. A total of 17,895 SNPS were common among all possible pairs in the four groups, giving a first set of 266,527 SNPs. After quality assessment using the Affymetrix platform, a final set of 200,481 SNPs was retained for the Axiom array.
2019Li X, Singh J, Qin M, Li S, Zhang X, Zhang M, Khan A, Zhang S, Wu J. Development of an integrated 200K SNP genotyping array and application for genetic mapping, genome assembly improvement and GWAS in pear (Pyrus). Plant biotechnology journal. 2019;17(8):1582‐1594