Germplasm Overview
GRIN IDPI 588979
SpeciesMalus x domestica
Origin CountryN/A
Origin DetailN/A
Maternal ParentMcIntosh
Paternal ParentGolden Delicious
Maternal Parent ofN/A
Paternal Parent ofN/A
Phenotypic DataN/A
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DNA LibraryN/A
CommentsFruit: size large, oblong, 80 mm; skin 80-100% red, slightly dull striped; shape slightly conic; flesh firm, white, crisp, juicy; flavor subacid; eating quality very good; harvest season mid-October, 2 weeks after Delicious; Tree: vigorous; upright; productive; hardier than Spartan; annual cropping; diploid (Proc. Am. Soc. Hort. Sci. 82:56. 1963). High rating. R.D. Way, 1993. Additional Lit.Cit.: Fruit Var. and Hort. Dig. 14:15. 1959.
ReferenceHoward NP, Peace C, Silverstein KATS, Poets A, Luby JJ, Vanderzande S, Durel CE, Muranty H, Denancé C, and van de Weg E. The use of shared haplotype length information for pedigree reconstruction in asexually propagated outbreeding crops, demonstrated for apple and sweet cherry. Accepted to Horticulture Research.
2021Howard, N.P., Peace, C., Silverstein, K.A.T. et al. The use of shared haplotype length information for pedigree reconstruction in asexually propagated outbreeding crops, demonstrated for apple and sweet cherry. Hortic Res 8, 202 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41438-021-00637-5
Snp Genotype Data
Total 10,295 records
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#Marker NameAlleleGenotype
1SNP_FB_0411238T/CA | B
2SNP_FB_0411240T/GB | B
3SNP_FB_0411246A/GA | B
4SNP_FB_1079904A/CA | B
5RosBREEDSNP_SNP_TC_3094248_Lg1_02894_MAF50_285661_exon1T/CA | B
6RosBREEDSNP_SNP_GA_3099492_Lg1_02894_MAF40_411283_exon1A/GB | B
7SNP_FB_0313817A/GA | B
8SNP_FB_1089803T/CA | B
9SNP_FB_1089798A/GB | B
10SNP_FB_0400909T/CA | B
11SNP_FB_0400916A/GB | B
12SNP_FB_0400919T/CA | B
13SNP_FB_0400922A/GB | B
14SNP_FB_0400921T/CB | B
15SNP_FB_1079977A/CB | B
16RosBREEDSNP_SNP_AC_180528_Lg1_00288_MAF40_302606_exon1A/CA | A
17RosBREEDSNP_SNP_AC_121548_Lg1_00288_MAF30_MDP0000151845_exon1T/GA | A
18SNP_FB_0409694A/CA | B
19SNP_FB_0409675T/CA | B
20SNP_FB_0409674T/GB | B
21SNP_FB_0197405A/CA | B
22SNP_FB_0197414T/CA | B
23SNP_FB_0197767T/CA | B
24SNP_FB_0530079A/GA | A
25SNP_FB_0530074T/CB | B
Ssr Genotype Data
Total 9 records
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# Dataset Marker Marker Type Genotype Marker_Allele
1Apple_SSR_Genotype_Volk_2020CH01f02genetic_marker174|180CH01f02_174; CH01f02_180
2Apple_SSR_Genotype_Volk_2020CH01H01genetic_marker120|120CH01H01_120; CH01H01_120
3Apple_SSR_Genotype_Volk_2020CH02d08genetic_marker212|224CH02d08_212; CH02d08_224
4Apple_SSR_Genotype_Volk_2020GD12genetic_marker155|155GD12_155; GD12_155
5Apple_SSR_Genotype_Volk_2020GD142genetic_marker139|147GD142_139; GD142_147
6Apple_SSR_Genotype_Volk_2020GD147genetic_marker135|141GD147_135; GD147_141
7Apple_SSR_Genotype_Volk_2020GD15genetic_marker146|146GD15_146; GD15_146
8Apple_SSR_Genotype_Volk_2020GD162genetic_marker218|230GD162_218; GD162_230
9Apple_SSR_Genotype_Volk_2020GD96genetic_marker177|185GD96_177; GD96_185