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NameApple Integrated map
SpeciesMalus x domestica
Map typegenetic
Population typeF1
Map unitcM
Number of loci1745
Number of linkage groups17
Publication[view all]
ContactRiccardo Velasco
Map Loci
This map contains 1,745 features:
Linkage GroupMarker NameLocus NameTypePosition
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp00288GDsnp00288marker_locus0 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp02459GDsnp02459marker_locus1.5 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp02886GDsnp02886marker_locus1.5 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp02484GDsnp02484marker_locus1.5 cM
Apple Integrated map.1CH03g12zCH03g12zmarker_locus1.5 cM
Apple Integrated map.1CH03g12CH03g12zmarker_locus1.5 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp02894GDsnp02894marker_locus1.5 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp00370GDsnp00370marker_locus1.9 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp02771GDsnp02771marker_locus2.3 cM
Apple Integrated map.1Hi21g05Hi21g05xmarker_locus2.5 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp00014GDsnp00014marker_locus2.5 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp02772GDsnp02772marker_locus2.9 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp01826GDsnp01826marker_locus3.2 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp00721GDsnp00721marker_locus3.6 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp00152GDsnp00152marker_locus4.1 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp02428GDsnp02428marker_locus5.3 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp02580GDsnp02580marker_locus7.4 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp02325GDsnp02325marker_locus7.4 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp01351GDsnp01351marker_locus8.4 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp01815GDsnp01815marker_locus10.3 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp00533GDsnp00533marker_locus10.6 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp02513GDsnp02513marker_locus10.8 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp00420GDsnp00420marker_locus11.2 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp00026GDsnp00026marker_locus12.2 cM
Apple Integrated map.1GDsnp02334GDsnp02334marker_locus12.2 cM
2010Velasco R, Zharkikh A, Affourtit J, Dhingra A, Cestaro A, Kalyanaraman A, Fontana P, Bhatnagar SK, Troggio M, Pruss D, Salvi S, Pindo M, Baldi P, Castelletti S, Cavaiuolo M, Coppola G, Costa F, Cova V, Dal Ri A, Goremykin V, Komjanc M, Longhi S, Magnago P, Malacarne G, Malnoy M, Micheletti D, Moretto M, Perazzolli M, Si-Ammour A, Vezzulli S, Zini E, Eldredge G, Fitzgerald LM, Gutin N, Lanchbury J, Macalma T, Mitchell JT, Reid J, Wardell B, Kodira C, Chen Z, Desany B, Niazi F, Palmer M, Koepke T, Jiwan D, Schaeffer S, Krishnan V, Wu C, Chu VT, King ST, Vick J, Tao Q, Mraz A, Stormo A, Stormo K, Bogden R, Ederle D, Stella A, Vecchietti A, Kater MM, Masiero S, Lasserre P, Lespinasse Y, Allan AC, Bus V, Chagné D, Crowhurst RN, Gleave AP, Lavezzo E, Fawcett JA, Proost S, Rouzé P, Sterck L, Toppo S, Lazzari B, Hellens RP, Durel CE, Gutin A, Bumgarner RE, Gardiner SE, Skolnick M, Egholm M, Van de Peer Y, Salamini F, Viola R. The genome of the domesticated apple (Malus x domestica Borkh.). Nature Genetics. 2010 Oct; 42(10):833-839.
Riccardo Velasco
First name:Riccardo
Last name:Velasco
Institution:IASMA Research and Innovation Centre
Address:Foundation Edmund Mach, Via E. Mach 1, 38010 San Michele all’Adige, Trento, Italy
Keywords:Venturia inaequalis
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