S29-RNase, S29-RNase (gene) Prunus armeniaca

Gene Overview
Name S29-RNase
Gene Symbol S29-RNase
Type gene
Organism Prunus armeniaca
Synonym self-incompatibility S29-RNase
Description NA
Comment ribonuclease
Evidence for the gene structure imported from NCBI
This gene is derived from or has results from the following analyses
Analysis NameDate Performed
GDR Gene Database2015-01-04

The following mRNA feature(s) are associated with this gene:

Feature NameUnique NameSpeciesType
S29-RNaseEF185300.1-S29-RNase.m1Prunus armeniacamRNA

The following gene_class feature(s) contains this gene:

Feature NameUnique NameSpeciesType
putative self-incompatibility S-RNaseS-RNasePrunus armeniacagene_class

Associated Genes
Associated Genes/Sequences

The following feature(s) are associated with this gene:

Type Gene/mRNA Name Genome Location NCBI Accession
mRNA parsed from NCBI nr database EF185300.1-S29-RNase.m1 N/A EF185300.1

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