S33-RNase, S33-RNase (gene) Pyrus ussuriensis

Gene Overview
Name S33-RNase
Gene Symbol S33-RNase
Type gene
Organism Pyrus ussuriensis
Synonym S33-RNase
Description NA
Comment self-incompatibility
Evidence for the gene structure imported from NCBI
This gene is derived from or has results from the following analyses
Analysis NameDate Performed
GDR Gene Database2015-01-04

The following gene_class feature(s) contains this gene:

Feature NameUnique NameSpeciesType
putative self-incompatibility S-RNaseS-RNasePyrus ussuriensisgene_class

The following mRNA feature(s) are associated with this gene:

Feature NameUnique NameSpeciesType
S33-RNaseDQ138081.1-S33-RNase.m1Pyrus ussuriensismRNA

Associated Genes
Associated Genes/Sequences

The following feature(s) are associated with this gene:

Type Gene/mRNA Name Genome Location NCBI Accession
mRNA parsed from NCBI nr database DQ138081.1-S33-RNase.m1 N/A DQ138081.1

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