Postdoctoral position in Rosaceae Genetics and Genomics at CRAG (Barcelona, Spain)

Postdoctoral position in Rosaceae Genetics and Genomics at CRAG (Barcelona, Spain)

The Rosaceae Genetics and Genomics group at CRAG (Agrigenomics Research Center, is seeking to incorporate a highly talented and motivated postdoctoral scientist under the International “Severo Ochoa” Postdoctoral program.

The Rosaceae Genetics and Genomics group, led by Dr. Pere Arús, is interested in different aspects of Rosaceae genome organization, variability and evolution that help elucidating the genetics of important agricultural characters and incorporating novel genes and innovative methods in commercial breeding programs. The research project will involve the use of molecular and genomics tools for the analysis of introgression of exotic genes into cultivated genomes, and the development of novel fast-track breeding methods for the recovery of top quality varieties with introgressed valuable genes. This will be done in peach as model for perennial species.

The Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) is located at the UAB campus, near Barcelona, recently recognized “Severo Ochoa” Center of Excellence. CRAG currently hosts 200 members, including about 60 PhD students and 30 postdoctoral researchers. Research at CRAG encompasses basic science in plant development, physiology, metabolism and genetics; bioinformatics and genomics on plants and animals; and applied projects developed together with Agrotechnology and Breeding companies.


  • Applicants must hold a doctoral degree before the start of the postdoctoral contract (No later than May 1st, 2017), but not necessarily when applying.
  • Applicants must possess a high-quality research trajectory and a competitive publication track record.
  • Candidates are eligible for a period of six (6) years following successful completion of their PhD at the date of the call deadline. Extensions to the 6-year rule are allowed for applicants whose academic career has been interrupted for maternity (or paternity) leave or other special circumstances such as mandatory military service or illness. These circumstances will be indicated in the Motivation Letter and must be documented. Extensions will be of one year per birth in case of maternity (or paternity) leave. The extension in the case of illness or mandatory military service will depend on its duration.
  • Candidates who have previously done research at CRAG for more than six (6) months before the application deadline, at any stage of their career, will not be eligible.


The position offered is two-year postdoctoral contract, with the possibility of renewal for a third year. Salary will be 29,638 € gross per year. Contract includes social security coverage.


Candidates with a high-quality research trajectory and competitive publication track record are encouraged to apply. Interested candidates are required to discuss the proposal with the principal investigator ( before July 26th. (Application deadline is August 21st, 2016)