Genome Naming Guideline

The genome naming protocol used in GDR is as follows:

[Genus] [species] [cultivar/line] genome-v[assembly version].a[annotation-version]

Example:  Prunus-persica-genome-v2.0.a1


  • Genus =  the genus of the organism
  • Species =  the species of the organism
  • cultivar/line = cultivar or specific line used for sequencing
  • Assembly version = the  version of the assembly with a major and minor number.  The major version is incremented with major changes or releases of the assembly and the minor number is incremented when minor changes are made to the assembly.
  • Annotation-version = a single numeric value that is incremented each time a new annotation is released.  It restarts at 1 each time the assembly version is incremented.

If you have any questions, please contact us.