Rosa all species

Speciesall species
Common NameRose
AbbreviationRosa (all species)
PloidyTetraploid, Triploid
Chromosome Numberx=7
Genome Size600 Mb
Available Markers74,719
The following libraries are associated with this organism.
Library NameType

Roses belong to the genus Rosa and have been cultivated as ornamental plants for more than two thousand years and are available in a range of distinct forms such as hybrid tea, floribunda, hybrid perpetual, grandiflora, shrubs, miniatures, old roses, and many others. There are about 120 wild rose species and more than 20,000 commercial cultivars. Most of the commercial cultivars are complex tetraploid (= 7) or triploid hybrids derived from eight to ten wild diploid and a few tetraploid rose species. Intensive breeding during the last two centuries has resulted in a profusion of cultivars bred for color, fragrance and form; however, relatively little has been done for the development of resistance to the range of biotic and abiotic stresses. Among ornamental woody plants, roses have a small genome, about 600 Mbp/haploid, which is only four times the genome size of Arabidopsis. Rose species and cultivars are highly polymorphic for morphological traits, isozymes, and DNA markers. In addition, roses have many traits preferred by consumers such as a wide range of flower types, fragrances, colors and sizes, availability of flowers throughout the year mainly due to the recurrent blooming ability, variety of growth habits ranging from miniatures to climbers, and good cut-flower keeping qualities. (adapted from Rosaceae Whitepaper)


​Available Rosa transcript data in GDR .  Click on the Transcript Assembly name for more detailed information.  

Transcript Assembly Date Constructed Stats
Rosa RefTrans v1.0 2018-12-21 Input EST Reads: 22,357
Input RNA-Seq reads:4.5 billion
Assembled Contigs: 40,539
Rosa Unigene v5 2013-01-03 Input EST Reads: 9,100
Assembled Contigs: 1,215
Singlets: 3,707
Rosa Unigene v4 2008-01-01 Input EST Reads: 9,077
Assembled Contigs: 1,228
Singlets: 3,606
Rosa Unigene v3 2006-06-01 Input EST Reads: 5,284
Assembled Contigs: 705
Singlets: 2,258
Rosa Unigene v2 2005-12-01 Input EST Reads: 5,289
Assembled Contigs: 705
Singlets: 2,258
Rose transcriptome (Wageningen) 2015-01-28 Total transcripts: 21,740
Predicted full-length: 13,390