Data Submission

Please contact us to arrange the transfer of data to GDR from accepted peer-reviewed work. Upon GDR's partnership with Tree Genetics and Genomes since July 18, 2011, all manuscript containing genomics, genetics or breeding data for Rosaceae tree species, which have been accepted for publication in TGG, is required to submit data to GDR prior to manuscript publication. Manuscripts accepted in other journals are highly encouraged to submit data to GDR prior to publication as well. An accession number for the data for a manuscript will be given and the data will be initially available for download on the publication datasets page. In the longer term, we will work to fully integrate each data set with existing GDR data, with full credit given to the submitting authors.

Below are Excel template files for genetic map, QTL, genotype, and phenotype data. We recommend you contact us before filling in the template so that we can work closely with you to ensure this process is expedited easily and quickly. If you have other data types such as transcriptome data or genome data, please contact us and we will work with you to get the data accessible in GDR.