Data Contributors

Data Contributor Archive Page (~2014)

Please let us know if you have contributed data this year and your name is not listed. Data contributed as a requirement for publication is listed in the publication datasets page.

Contributor Institution Country Data Year
Veronica Guajardo, Patricio Hinrichsen Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIA) La Platina Chile Sweet Cherry Genetic map data 2015
Lichun Cai, Amy Iezzoni Michigan State University USA Tart Cherry Haplotype data 2015
Ignazio Verde CRA Agricultural Research Council, Fruit Tree Research Centre (CRA-FRU) Italy Peach Genome v2.0.a1 2015
Alessandro Cestaro, Riccardo Velasco Edmund Mach Foundation Italy Apple Genome v3.0 2015
Jacob Tennessen, Aaron Liston Oregon State University USA Strawberry Genome v2.0.a1 2015
Omar Darwish Towson University USA Strawberry Genome v1.1.a1 2015