US Rosaceae Genomics, Genetics and Breeding Executive Committee


  • Serve as a communication and coordination focal point for the US Rosaceae genomics, genetics and breeding community.
  • Define research priorities based on input from the industry and research community.
  • Facilitate scientific interaction and foster dynamic research teams.
  • Promote research priorities.
  • Coordinate educational efforts from the research community to the industry and the public.
  • Serve as an official steering committee for the Genome Database for Rosaceae

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Membership 2022 - 2023

View members of the 2024 RosEXEC Committee

New US members:  Terrence Frett, Mitchell Feldmann, Jessica Waite, Matt Clark

New International member: Veronica Guajardo (Yuepeng Han agreed to serve one more year.)

All incoming US members will serve a three-year term from January 2024 to January 2027.
Incoming international member will serve a two-year term from January 2024 to January 2026.

Thanks to 2022 departing members Nahla Bassil, Chris Dardick, Lise Mahoney, Phil Stewart, and Igor Pacheco for their excellent service.