Rosaceae Trait Ontology

GDR has made an effort to standardize the trait names and the abbreviations for all the trait data entered in the database.  GDR QTL are associated with these trait terms and QTL labels, assigned by GDR, use the below abbreviations for the listed traits.  Each of these trait terms is either an existing term or a child term of the existing term of the plant trait ontology. One trait term can belong to multiple Root TO term. When possible, we have used abbreviations that are consistent with established trait or crop ontologies. Where new ones were developed they have been submitted to the Trait Ontology consortium for inclusion. We would appreciate if new studies could use these standardized terms where possible. If you have a new trait or are unsure about the naming please contact us.

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Category Count
+ biochemical trait 226
+ plant growth and development trait 45
+ plant morphology trait 221
+ quality trait 88
+ stature or vigor trait 13
+ sterility or fertility trait 6
+ stress trait 39
+ yield trait 6