Trait Overview
Traitmale sterility
Trait Categorysterility or fertility trait
Definitionmale pollen sterility
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Male sterility----na-
Male sterility-PsG6---naView
2017Wei N, Govindarajulu R, Tennessen JA, Liston A, Ashman TL. Genetic mapping and phylogenetic analysis reveal intraspecific variation in sex chromosomes of the Virginian strawberry. The Journal of Heredity. 2017 Sep 27; 108(7):731-739.
2013Govindarajulu R, Liston A, Ashman TL. Sex-determining chromosomes and sexual dimorphism: insights from genetic mapping of sex expression in a natural hybrid Fragaria × ananassa subsp. cuneifolia. Heredity. 2013 May; 110(5):430-8.
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1998Dirlewanger, E., Pronier, V., Parvery, C., Rothan, C., Guye, A., Monet, R.. Genetic linkage map of peach [Prunus persica (L.) Batsch] using morphological and molecular markers. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 1998; 97(5-6): 888-895.