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Traitresistance to Erwinia amylovora
Trait Categorystress trait
Definitionresistance to Erwinia amylovora, which causes necrogenic disease, fire blight
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QTL/MTLLinkage GroupPeakStartStopDatasetMapViewer
qREA.C16xC17-ch15154.5--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Korban-2013View
qREA.C16xC17-ch15.11525.3--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Korban-2013View
qREA.C16xC17-ch2263.5--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Korban-2013View
qREA.C16xC17-ch2.1263.5--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Korban-2013View
qREA.C16xC17-ch6659.5--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Korban-2013View
qREA.C16xC17-ch6.1659.5--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Korban-2013View
qREA.FD-chD12D1262.3--Fire blight resistance trait-Durel-2005View
qREA.FD-chD13D1310.2--Fire blight resistance trait-Durel-2005View
qREA.FD-chF33---Fire blight resistance trait-Durel-2005View
qREA.FD-chF3.23---Fire blight resistance trait-Durel-2005View
qREA.FD-chF7F752.7--Fire blight resistance trait-Durel-2005View
qREA.FD-chF7.2F750.7--Fire blight resistance trait-Durel-2005View
qREA.FD-LG7.1.2006750.1--Fire blight resistance trait-Patocchi-2006View
qREA.FD-LG7.2.2006750.1--Fire blight resistance trait-Patocchi-2006View
qREA.FD-LG7.3.2006LG750.1--Fire blight resistance trait-Patocchi-2006View
qREA.FD-LG7.4.2006LG750.1--Fire blight resistance trait-Patocchi-2006View
qREA.IM-Mr5-ch11Mr5 LG 1137.5--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Peil-2014View
qREA.IM-Mr5-ch11.1Mr5 LG 1130--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Peil-2014View
qREA.IM-Mr5-ch11.2Mr5 LG 1131.5--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Peil-2014View
qREA.IM-Mr5-ch14Mr5 LG 1454.7--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Peil-2014View
qREA.IM-Mr5-ch14.1Mr5 LG 1453.4--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Peil-2014View
qREA.IM-Mr5-ch14.2Mr5 LG 1458.7--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Peil-2014View
qREA.IM-Mr5-ch3Mr5 LG 37.4--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Peil-2014View
qREA.IM-Mr5-ch5Mr5 LG 525.2--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Peil-2014View
qREA.IM-Mr5-ch5.1Mr5 LG 525.2--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Peil-2014View
qREA.IM-Mr5-ch5.2Mr5 LG 525.2--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Peil-2014View
qREA.IM-Mr5-ch7Mr5 LG 764.3--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Peil-2014View
qREA.IM-Mr5-ch7.1Mr5 LG 760.3--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Peil-2014View
qREA.IM-Mr5-ch7.2Mr5 LG 763.3--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Peil-2014View
qREA.IR5-2008-ch3----Apple fire blight resistance-Gardiner-2008-
qREA.IR5-ch3-R5LG3161319Apple fire blight resistance-Gardiner-2012View
qREA.M9R5-2008-ch3----Apple fire blight resistance-Gardiner-2008-
qREA.M9R5-ch3-R5LG3315Apple fire blight resistance-Gardiner-2012View
qREA.MAI-ch10LG1035.56--Apple fire blight resistance trait-Peil-2014View
qREA.ME-chE12E1254.251.554.6Fire blight resistance trait-Durel-2009View
qREA.ME-chE12.2E1254.251.554.6Fire blight resistance trait-Durel-2009View
qREA.ME-chE15E1540.32355Fire blight resistance trait-Durel-2009View
qREA.ME-chE15.2E1540.32854Fire blight resistance trait-Durel-2009View
qREA.ME-chMf12Mf1223.315.223.3Fire blight resistance trait-Durel-2009View
qREA.ME-chMf12.2Mf1223.316.223.3Fire blight resistance trait-Durel-2009View
qREA.O3R5-ch3.1-R5LG31.5-3Apple fire blight resistance-Gardiner-2012View
qREA.O3R5-ch3.2-R5LG38710Apple fire blight resistance-Gardiner-2012View
qREA.O3R5-ch7.1-R5LG7504750Apple fire blight resistance-Gardiner-2012View
qREA.O3R5-ch7.2-R5LG7484750Apple fire blight resistance-Gardiner-2012View
qREA.PF-chF7.2002F746.7--Apple fire blight resistanbce trait-Durel-2005View
qREA.PF-chF7.2002.1F746.7--Apple fire blight resistanbce trait-Durel-2005View
qREA.PF-chF7.2006----Apple fire blight resistanbce trait-Durel-2004-
qREA.PF-chP16.2006----Apple fire blight resistanbce trait-Durel-2004-
qREA.PF-chP3.2002P353.8--Apple fire blight resistanbce trait-Durel-2005View
qREA.PF-chP3.2002.1P353.8--Apple fire blight resistanbce trait-Durel-2005View
qREA.PF-chP3.2006----Apple fire blight resistanbce trait-Durel-2004-
resistance to Erwinia amylovora-FBLG3---naView
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