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The list of gene symbols in Rosaceae have been put together from data in the NCBI nr database and user-submitted data. Please contact us if you would like to submit new gene data or edit the existing gene data. The Gene data submission form is available from the data submission page.
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SymbolSymbol Full NameContactSubmitted
NACNAC domain proteinGDR curation team2014-12-01
NADNADH dehydrogenaseGDR curation team2014-12-01
NAD-SDHNAD-dependent sorbitol dehydrogenaseGDR curation team2016-12-06
NARGnarly, [FeFe]-hydrogenase-like proteinGDR curation team2016-04-13
NASnicotianamine synthaseGDR curation team2016-12-06
NATnucleobase-ascorbate transporter GDR curation team2016-04-13
NBPNucleotide binding protein GDR curation team2016-04-13
NCED9-cis-epoxycarotenoid dioxygenaseGDR curation team2014-12-01
NDHNADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductaseGDR curation team2014-12-01
NES(E)-nerolidol synthaseGDR curation team2014-12-01
NFS NifS-Like, Cysteine desulfuraseGDR curation team2016-04-13
NFUNifU like, Fe-S cluster assembly proteinGDR curation team2016-04-13
NHXNa+/H+ ExchangerGDR curation team2014-12-01
NIRnitrite reductaseGDR curation team2014-12-01
NPRnon expressor of PR genesGDR curation team2014-12-01
NRnitrate reductaseGDR curation team2014-12-01
NRAMPNatural Resistance-Associated Macrophage ProteinGDR curation team2016-12-06
NRTnitrate transporterGDR curation team2014-12-01