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The list of gene symbols in Rosaceae have been put together from data in the NCBI nr database and user-submitted data. Please contact us if you would like to submit new gene data or edit the existing gene data. The Gene data submission form is available from the data submission page.
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SymbolSymbol Full NameContactSubmitted
BADHbetaine-aldehyde dehydrogenaseGDR curation team2014-12-01
BAGBAG proteinGDR curation team2014-12-01
BBMBABY BOOM AP2/ERF transcription factorGDR curation team2014-12-01
BFTbrother of FT AND TFL1-like proteinGDR curation team2016-12-06
BGbeta-glucosidaseGDR curation team2014-12-01
BHLHbasic helix-loop-helix proteinGDR curation team2014-12-01
BISbiphenyl synthaseGDR curation team2014-12-01
BLNAC transcription factor bloodGDR curation team2016-04-13
BOPblock of cell proliferation GDR curation team2016-04-13
BPbrevipedicellusGDR curation team2016-12-06
BPCBasic PentacysteinGDR curation team2016-04-13
BRPBroad resistance to Peronospora parasitica in ArabidopsisGDR curation team2014-12-01
BSBIG SEEDSGDR curation team2016-12-06
BSHBushy plantsGDR curation team2014-12-01
BZIPBZIP domain class transcription factorGDR curation team2014-12-01