Fragaria x ananassa FL 20.82-27 Genome v1.0 Assembly & Annotation

Analysis NameFragaria x ananassa FL 20.82-27 Genome v1.0 Assembly & Annotation
MethodSAS procedures
Date performed2024-05-22


Alam, E., Lee, S., & Whitaker, V. Genome- and Transcriptome-Driven Discovery of Candidate Genes for Charcoal Rot Resistance in Octoploid Strawberry. Manuscript under preparation.


Haplotype-phased whole genome of Fragaria x ananassa “FL 20.82-27”. The two parental haplotypes are FL11, short for FL 11.46-86 (a University of Florida breeding selection), and FVC11, short for FVC 11-58 (an interspecific hybrid of Fragaria virginiana and Fragaria chiloensis ecotypes).


The Fragaria x ananassa FL 20.82-27 Genome v1.0 assembly files are available in FASTA format.


Chromosomes (FL 11.46-86) (FASTA file) Fxananassa_FL20.82-27_FL11_v1.0.a1.fasta.gz
Chromosomes (FVC 11-58) (FASTA file) Fxananassa_FL20.82-27_FVC11_v1.0.a1.fasta.gz
Chromosomes (FL 11.46-86) (masked FASTA file) Fxananassa_FL20.82-27_FL11_v1.0.a1.masked.fasta.gz
Chromosomes (FVC 11-58) (masked FASTA file) Fxananassa_FL20.82-27_FVC11_v1.0.a1.masked.fasta.gz
Chromosomes (FL 11.46-86) (Repeat GFF3 file) Fxananassa_FL20.82-27_FL11_v1.0.a1.repeat.fasta.gz
Chromosomes (FVC 11-58) (Repeat GFF3 file) Fxananassa_FL20.82-27_FVC11_v1.0.a1.repeat.fasta.gz
Gene Predictions

The Fragaria x ananassa FL 20.82-27 v1.0.a1 genome gene prediction file are available in GFF3 and FASTA format.


Genes (FL 11.46-86) (GFF3 file) Fxananassa_FL20.82-27_FL11_v1.0.a1.genes.gff3.gz
Genes (FVC 11-58) (GFF3 file) Fxananassa_FL20.82-27_FVC11_v1.0.a1.genes.gff3.gz
Protein sequences (FL 11.46-86) (FASTA file) Fxananassa_FL20.82-27_FL11_v1.0.a1.protein.faa.gz
Protein sequences (FVC 11-58) (FASTA file) Fxananassa_FL20.82-27_FVC11_v1.0.a1.protein.faa.gz
Transcript sequences (FL 11.46-86) (FASTA file) Fxananassa_FL20.82-27_FL11_v1.0.a1.transcript.fna.gz
Transcript sequences (FVC 11-58) (FASTA file) Fxananassa_FL20.82-27_FVC11_v1.0.a1.transcript.fna.gz