Reconstruction of the Largest Pedigree Network for Pear Cultivars and Evaluation of the Genetic Diversity of the USDA-ARS National Pyrus Collection.

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TitleReconstruction of the Largest Pedigree Network for Pear Cultivars and Evaluation of the Genetic Diversity of the USDA-ARS National Pyrus Collection.
AuthorsMontanari S, Postman J, Bassil NV, Neale DB
TypeJournal Article
Journal NameG3 (Bethesda, Md.)
CitationMontanari S, Postman J, Bassil NV, Neale D. Reconstruction of the largest pedigree network for pear cultivars and evaluation of the genetic diversity of the USDA-ARS national Pyrus collection. G3. 2020; 10(9):3285-3297.


The USDA-ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository (NCGR) in Corvallis, Oregon, maintains one of the world's largest and most diverse living Pyrus collection. A thorough genetic characterization of this germplasm will provide relevant information to optimize the conservation strategy of pear biodiversity, support the use of this germplasm in breeding, and increase our knowledge of Pyrus taxonomy, evolution, and domestication. In the last two decades simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers have been used at the NCGR for cultivar identification and small population structure analysis. However, the recent development of the Applied Biosystems™ Axiom™ Pear 70K Genotyping Array has allowed high-density single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)-based genotyping of almost the entire collection. In this study, we have analysed this rich dataset to discover new synonyms and mutants, identify putative labelling errors in the collection, reconstruct the largest pear cultivar pedigree and further elucidate the genetic diversity of Pyrus.

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Pyrus NCGR collection SNP genotyping dataPyrus NCGR collection SNP genotyping data
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CayugaPI 541160accession
FragrantePI 324127accession
Butirra di RomaPI 324126accession
GrataPI 324128accession
MellinaPI 324132accession
RX 196PI 279936accession
RX 226PI 279937accession
RescuePI 541538accession
Louis VilmorinPI 541221accession
Abbe Fetel (Abate Fetel)PI 260195accession
Charles ErnestPI 541522accession
Favorite MorelPI 255611accession
IP-1100PI 324130accession
Itala PirovanoPI 279336accession
MoraPI 324133accession
Pierre CorneillePI 541521accession
ProgresPI 392322accession
96.FI.13 (P. communis rootstock clone)PI 688112accession
Fox 11 (P. communis rootstock clone)PI 617681accession
Beurré Gris d'Hiver NouveauPI 541146accession
BethPI 688158accession
Comte de LambertyePI 541167accession
Alexandrina BivortPI 541489accession
Andre DesportesPI 318866accession