IRSC 6K SNP array for cherry

SNP Chip Overview
Array NameIRSC 6K SNP array for cherry
OrganismPrunus avium; cerasus (sweet cherry; tart cherry)
The IRSC (International Rosaceae Sequencing Consortium) has mined SNPs for sweet and tart cherry which are included on Illumina Infinium arrays. 

Peace C, Bassil N, Main D, Ficklin S, Rosyara UR, et al. (2012) Development and Evaluation of a Genome-Wide 6K SNP Array for Diploid Sweet Cherry and Tetraploid Sour Cherry. PLoS ONE 7(12): e48305.

The 6K cherry SNPs are provided in Excel format below with coordinates mapped to the peach v1.0 genome assembly

IRSC 6K cherry SNPs mapped to peach IRSC_6K_cherry_SNP_array.xls