RosBREED_snp_sweet_cherry_Pp1_00114487, RosBREED_snp_sweet_cherry_Pp1_00114487 (genetic_marker) Prunus avium

Marker Overview
dbSNP IDss490545372
SNP Array ID
IRSC 6K SNP array for cherry:RosBREED_snp_sweet_cherry_Pp1_00114487
SNP AllelesT/C
SpeciesPrunus avium
Library NameType
IRSC 6K SNP array for cherrySNP_chip
This genetic_marker is derived from or has results from the following analyses
Analysis NameDate Performed
RosBREED SNP development2011-01-01
Alignment of IRSC 6K SNP array for cherry to Peach Genome v2.0.a12016-11-21
Map Positions
#Map NameLinkage GroupBinPositionLocusMapViewer
1Prunus-TE-6K cherry SNP-estimate1N/A0.26RosBREED_snp_sweet_cherry_Pp1_00114487View
2sweet cherry-consensus-map-2012-6K cherry SNP-estimate1N/A0RosBREED_snp_sweet_cherry_Pp1_00114487View
Feature NameTypeLocationAnalysis
scaffold_1 supercontig scaffold_1:114487..114487. Prunus persica Whole Genome v1.0 Assembly & Annotation
Pp01 chromosome Pp01:114485..114485. Prunus persica Whole Genome Assembly v2.0 & Annotation v2.1 (v2.0.a1)
PAV_r1.0chr1 chromosome PAV_r1.0chr1:143811..143811. Prunus avium Whole Genome Assembly v1.0 & Annotation v1 (v1.0.a1)