GDR and Mainlab Bioinformatics Activities at PAG 2020 (1/20)


  • Fruit/Nuts workshop, Saturday Jan 11, 8.00 AM -12.40 PM, Pacific Salon 3

  • Genomic Advances in Fruit and Vegetable Breeding, Saturday, Jan 11 6:20-8:30 PM

  • RosEXEC/RosIGI Annual Meeting, Sunday Jan 12, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM,

  • Tripal Database Network and Initiatives, Sunday, Jan 12 4:00-6:10 PM California

  • AgBioData meeting, Monday, Jan 13 9:30 AM-12 PM, Tower room - Handlery Hotel

  • Strawberry Genomics, Monday Jan 13 4:00 -6:10 PM, California

Oral Presentations

  • Citrus Genome Database Resources for Citrus Genomics, Genetics, and Breeding Research @ Saturday, Jan 11 2:25 PM, Terrace Room - Handlery Hotel, Citrus Genome

  • Using Synteny and Candidate Genes to Identify Loci Controlling Fruit Sweetness in Blackberry @ Saturday, Jan 11 7:00 PM, Pacific Salon 3, Genomic Advances in Fruit and Vegetable Breeding

  • Tripal MegaSearch: An Interactive and Customizable Tool for Query and Download of Big Data from Tripal Databases @ Sunday, Jan 12 4:20 PM, California, Tripal Database Network and Initiative

  • Resources for Strawberry Genomics, Genetics and Breeding Research in GDR, Genome Database for Rosaceae @ Monday, Jan13 4:02 PM, California, Strawberry Genomics


  • PE0136 AgBioData Consortium: Genomics, Genetics and Breeding (GGB) Databases Working Together

  • PO0599 CottonGen, a Central Platform to Facilitate Knowledge Discovery in Cotton Research

  • PO0649 BIMS (Breeding Information Management System) for Efficient Management and Analysis of Breeding Data