Rubus ulmifolius genome v1.0 scaffolds

Human-Readable NameRubus ulmifolius genome v1.0 scaffolds
Database NameRubus_ulmifolius-Burbank_thornless-genome_v1-purged_primary_contigs_HiC.fasta
Database Typenucleotide

R. ulmifolius Burbank Thornless Whole Genome v.1.0 assembly

Erez Aiden, Rishi Aryal, Hamid Ashrafi, Nahla Bassil, Mario Caccamo, Brian Crawford, Michael Dossett, Olga Dudchenko, Felicidad Fernandez-Fernandez, Gina Fernandez, Jodi Humann, Sook Jung, Dorrie Main, Dan Mead, Cherie Ochsenfeld, Gina Pham, Tom Poorten, Dan Sargent, Aabid Shariff, Margaret Worthington, Xiaoyu Zhang


The global blackberry (Rubus subgenus Rubus) industry has experienced rapid growth during the past 15 years, driven by increased consumer demand, advanced production met... [more]