Analysis NameRosCOS
MethodConserved Ortholgous Set Pipeline
Source3,790 Arabidopsis single copy genes
Date performed2009-11-29

The Rosaceae Conserved Ortholog Set (RosCOS) SNPs are genetic markers that are evolutionarily conserved and present in a single copy among each of the species of the Rosaceae family.  RosCOS markers were identified using a set of 3,818 Rosaceae unigenes that corresponded to single copy genes in Arabidopsis.  613 of these were mapped onto the Prunus TxE reference map.  Below you can find links to view these markers on the Prunus TxE genetic map, and aligned to the peach genome.  RosCOS sequences, and additional documentation can be obtained below.




Cabrera A, Kozik A, Howad W, Arus P, Iezzoni AF, van der Knaap E. Development and bin mapping of a Rosaceae Conserved Ortholog Set (COS) of markers. BMC genomics. 2009; 10:562.

Bins and assigned markers of TxE genetic map BIN_MAPPING_Table_1.doc
RosCOS sequences (FASTA format) RosCOS-412832-Dec2012.fasta.gz
Genus representation and primer table RosCOS-genus_primers.doc
RosCOS summary table RosCOS-summary.xls